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Lucignano, pearl of the valdichiana, is a small village that represents one of the more extraordinary examples of medieval urban planning for its system of elliptic rings arrived intact over the centuries. The idyllic geographic positioning of Lucignano, in a dominant location at Mt. 414 above see level in the territory of Tuscany that winks it

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  • 13 February 2016 - segni d amore 2016

Building a Smile

A door, now closed, on the wall of entry reminds us that it was the access to the jails under the Town Hall. In the room, a showcase with the "Golden Tree" or "Tree of Life" or "Tree of Lucignano." It is a shrine ( XIV-XV cen.) coming from the church of S. Francis. From the central stem, supported on a three-floor gothic reliquary, spread twelve branches, surmounted by a Crucifix and a pelican. On the branches you can find coral sprigs representing the blood of Christ; moreover the branches are covered by decorated leaves with some glazed tiles.

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